The Smart Life Project is a health initiative that provides sports science solutions for training, rehab, and life. It is an innovative and seamless integration of fitness and health care. It is the embodiment of the principles of the Smart Life Revolution. All products and services reflect the core values of the Smart Life Project and focus on three key elements: Performance, Prevention, and Physiotherapy. More information on the Smart Life Project mission and manifesto can be found here.

The Smart Life Project services include:

Smart Physio is a McKenzie-certified orthopedic physiotherapy service that specializes in injury recovery. The McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy focuses on education, exercise, and the patient's self-treatment skills. This approach to care is both cost- and time-effective. These services also include a second opinion for other clinical sites as well as a clinician mentoring program in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy.

Smart Sport is a coaching and athlete mentoring service that specializes in sport performance and injury prevention. Coaching services focus on the development and progression of a training program based specifically on your needs, goals, and expectations. Smart Sport provides special expertise in ultra-endurance sports, running, triathlon, and track and field. Programs are done on an individual and/or group basis.Smart Sport also includes RunSmart: The book, the USATF track club, the training group, and the training products.

Smart Life: Prevention and health promotion services on an individual and/or group basis. These services focus on learning how to Live A Smart Life.

Smart Life Team: The community of clients, athletes, clinicians and all that are committed to the shared vision of the Smart Life Revolution.

Smart Life Institute: The online educational platform that provides a foundation for all of the Smart Life Project programs and services for clients and clinicians.

Note: "Smart Life Revolution", the upcoming book release, is scheduled for Fall-Winter 2011-2012.