The origins of Smart Physio are simple, and not a reflection of the ego of the author!

Allan Besselink, PT, Dip.MDT is originally from Canada. To be specific, he grew up in the small Ontario town of Brockville, and his physical therapy education was completed at Queen's University in Kingston. In Canada, physical therapists are known as "physiotherapists", and are often given the moniker of "physios".

The word "smart" was added as an acronym: Scientific Mechanisms Applied To Rehabilitation And Training. This is the acronym that Allan has used since he first started Smart Sport International in 1992. These are the core values of his clinical practice and his approach to mentorship and coaching in all disciplines.

The Smart Physio title is a reflection on his roots, his current approach to clients, and the future - envisioning an evidence-based world view and living a Smart Life. The Smart Physio blog represents an ongoing written collection of Allan's thoughts, insights, and experiences in consumer advocacy, activism, and disruptive innovation in health and health care.