“I can't recommend Allan and his recovery-centered training philosophy outlined in RunSmart enough. He has distilled the essence of what truly brings out the best in our natural abilities through mechanical, cognitive, and nutritional loading strategies for runners and multisport athletes alike. His approach has kept me injury-free and progressively getting faster despite not getting any younger! He's also consulted with me after a bike crash to help get me back up and training. The beauty of his approach is he'll teach you the exercises to do on your own throughout the day so that your body maximizes its ability to strengthen itself. Sure, his approach appears simple, but you know what, it works!!!”
- Paul Terranova, 3:00 marathoner and sub-10:00 Ironman Hawaii age group competitor

“Allan is an exceptional physical therapist. Not only does he return you to strong physical condition, but he keeps you mentally engaged and in great spirits. Thanks to him I returned to running after a stress fracture stronger and faster than ever.”
- Jaime Noyola

“Allan is a great coach, educator and physical therapist. He has coached me from a mini sprint triathlon all the way to two ironman triathlons and four marathons. Allan has expertise in all three disciplines and creates a training plan specific to the individual, their physical abilities, and schedule. Allan's training is complete and incorporates not only the three disciplines, but also nutrition and strength training. Allan's educational background makes him very knowledgeable and he is able to teach and convey his concepts. I have taken his running classes and read his book, RunSmart. I will continue to use him a coach and highly recommend him.”
- Dorian Ramirez, two time Ironman finisher

“Allan is a profound thinker with great vision and ideas. He was Editor of The McKenzie Institute Journal providing both editing duties and penning articles. Always insightful to the day's current topics of interest or latest in research, he helped to shape the growth of the publication from newsletter status to a respected scientific publication for our membership. He still remains a valued colleague of mine and dedicated member of our organization.”
- Stacey Lyon, Executive Director, McKenzie Institute USA

"Allan helped me recover from an old knee injury and get back running in just a matter of weeks. I can't recommend him enough! Plus, his book "Run Smart" on recovery centered training is a great and very informative read - I learned a scientifically grounded approach to training that works great for a novice runner like me - and helped me see that I could run like a pro with the right training routine. The training methodology won't burn you out and produces great results in a short time. Thanks Allan!"
- Jack M (via Yelp.com)

“Allan salvaged my bike racing habit, when he successfully convinced me that my back problems could be rehabilitated and I could stay on the bike. I was going the other direction, looking for other sports (like watching TV) - the pain was really bad. Allan took a very scientific approach to understanding the root cause of my issues, and set about a program that not only weaned me from constant visits, but gave me some "aspirin" (techniques for self-remediation) that I still use 7 years later. I've referred friends to him with similar results. Most recently, he helped me with some knee issues and the same principled approach to a solution. Stellar guy with stellar results.”
- Cris DeWitt

“Allan provides a wonderful opportunity for the DPT students at Texas State University-San Marcos to "think out of the box" when he presents a clinical decision making workshop. It is a practical workshop and the student use the information during their clinical practice.”
- Dr. Barbara Melzer, Texas State University

"I believe that the Smart Sport program is a balanced scientifically-based program that can fit the needs of all athletes from the beginner to the elite athlete."
- Dr. Mark Iannini, Tucson, AZ

“I asked Allan to help me meet certain goals for my first Ironman triathlon. He listened to what I wanted and helped me get there. If you want to get to the start line prepared and injury free, Allan is the right guy for the job.”
- Hugh Ayles

“During an extended recovery from an auto accident in 2007 Allan was recommended to me as a great resource to continue my physical therapy once the outpatient rehab folks at the hospital were done with me. I am very glad that he was! We had a lot of work to do to get my left arm & leg working again. He understood my desires to get back on a bicycle and be physically active. I am grateful for his expertise and patience! Thanks Allan!”
- Mark Barnett

“Allan is an excellent coach and physical therapist. As someone with poor mechanics, Allan has been able to help me improve my running technique via practice, drills, and recognizing the need for new orthotics. He worked hand-in-hand with my orthotics technician to get the right solution for me. The results are amazing! Less pain, more fun! Allan's approach is very personable and he has a very encouraging, realistic outlook to help you better yourself. I highly recommend working with Allan!”
- Mark Moran

"Allan Besselink's superb coaching skills helped me take my triathlon training to the next level! I am a full-time professional who races as an amateur triathlete. My biggest struggle was trying to find the time to train and compete while maintaining a more than full time career. Allan's coaching plans helped me train less total hours with better results. I was able to reduce my half Ironman time by 30 minutes with a reduced training schedule. He taught me that the quality of the training session is more important than the quantity of overall sessions. I highly recommend Allan because he provides a combination of coaching, mentoring, and he really listens to what you need as an athlete."
- Kelly White

"Faster, stronger, smarter, and PRs from Olympic to IM distance all in the same year and this on LESS training time. The only reason I did not PR a sprint race is that I never got one on the calendar! Frankly, between my orthopedic physician and Allan's coaching I'm doing things athletically that two orthopedic surgeons claimed I could never do. I came to Allan with a history of knee injuries and consistent GI problems at the 1/2 IM and IM distances. Allan's mentoring had me doing things on the track I would have never-ever attempted on my own. Speed work with my knee, no-way, but with patience and intelligent dosing of pace-sensitive work I'm faster and going longer than I have for 16 years. My GI problems had me under-performing in all my long and ultra races. In six weeks Allan turned that around with me setting a new PR at the 1/2 IM distance AND qualifying for Long Course Team USA in 2003. Not bad for a guy who went 16:40 in an IM the previous year. There is a challenge to working with Allan - he wants you to have a life! Seriously, he brings a balance to training and racing that is refreshing. I got 3-4 hours/week back into my schedule by training 'smarter'. That alone was worth the costs of coaching. Faster, stronger, smarter and PRs falling everywhere but what I appreciate about Allan the most is that he's a real person, someone you can talk with, debate, and know that he cares for the person as well as the athlete. My recommendation for Allan as a coach is unqualified, unless you're in the M45-49 (my) age group?! Feel free to contact me for further discussion regarding the Smart Sport experience."
- Glenn Williams

"My husband and I are very busy people. We have to balance school, work, coaching, and training. Before we started training with Smart Sport, we had no set training schedule and ended up overtraining, which hurt our training quality and recovery. Since we started training with Smart Sport, we have seen an increase in our strength, speed, endurance level, and improved recovery time. We are able to have quality workouts and still have a life outside of triathlon. Allan works with us to fit our training sessions into our busy schedule!!!"
- Beth and Eric Atnip, Lexington, Kentucky

"I met Allan Besslink in 2006. I had been running for about 3 years and had been through the roller coaster ride of training, racing, injuring,..... repeat.... By the time I found him on the Rogue training site, I had suffered 5 stress fractures and had been advised by one of the leading Sports Medicine Doctors in the area to quit running. Allan worked with me on the track for all of 10 minutes when he figured out the problem. A quick review of video tape and instruction on correcting my form paid off. I have since run 3 full marathons, countless 5K's, 10K's, and half marathons injury free. My marathon times have gone from 3:16 to 3:06 to 2:58. I would recommend Allan Besselink to any and all that are frustrated with repeated injuries.Thanks Allan!"
- Bob Travis

"Allan has worked with me as a physical therapist a number of times over the past several years. He helped me overcome my injury and safely return to training. Allan first thoroughly evaluated my injury and listened intently to what I said. He then taught me exercises to help correct the problem. He took time to explain how the exercises would help and to answer my questions. Upon my completion of the physical therapy, Allan developed a plan for me to gradually build back up to my previous level of training. By providing exercises and understanding, Allan empowers his patients to take charge of their injury and not be dependent upon him. I feel like Allan understood my love of my sport and my desire to get back into training. Allan is very patient and takes the time to explain what he wants me to do and why. Even now that I am done with PT, Allan always seems willing to answer questions and offer advice. I recommend Allan to any active person looking for a therapist who will work with them to return to their sport, not just overcome an injury."
- Sarah Edwards

"When other medical professionals said "you'll never run again," Allan said, "that's silly...here's what you need to do" and we worked out a plan. I highly recommend Allan. He's smart and knows his stuff.”
- Jocelyn Mellberg

"I wanted to thank you for your input on the nutrition/hydration for the marathon. I PR’d and got the 4 hour monkey off my back with a 3:59:57 finish. I started fueling early and often, and was very diligent about my hydration during the race ... and although mile 21 was my slowest (mile 1 being the second slowest), I managed to have enough gas in the tank for miles 25 and 26 to be my fastest. So thanks ... good input!"
- David Bixby

"The definition of a coach is "one who trains athletes" or "a private tutor". Neither definition adequately describes all that Allan has done for me. His expertise as a coach has helped me achieve the goals I've set for myself as an athlete. His formula for training involves quality, efficient workouts that have allowed me to improve my times, without giving up my life to endless hours of training. My training program is specific to me and my goals - not a mass produced list of workouts. The best aspect is that it's all based on scientific methods to maximize performance, while preventing injury, over-training, and burnout. His training regimen not only involves the physical effort, but also the mental effort needed to successfully train and race. I know I can count on Allan to encourage me to be the best I can be. I can call him anytime, ask any question, and know that he'll give me a qualified answer and positive feedback. I am not only a better athlete because of Allan, but also a better person. Thank you Coach."
- Lisa Sousares

"Allan Besselink is my physical therapist. I recently injured myself as a result of getting two dogs. I sought Allan's help to figure out what the injury was, how to fix it, and to make sure it wouldn't hinder my training. The first visit involved an extensive list of questions to pinpoint the problem, cause, and severity. Next he put me through numerous exercises to determine the exact movements that caused, as well as, alleviated pain. He was immediately able to understand the problem and offer a treatment plan. He answered all my questions and assured me we could work together to correct the injury. The treatment involved simple, easy exercises I could do at home. These exercises were intended to help my body heal itself, get rid of pain, improve range of motion, and strengthen muscles. After a few days of following his plan, the pain began to decrease and my range of motion improved. I didn't have to take drugs, have surgery, or stop my daily training regimen. Allan's expertise as a coach, is only matched by his expertise as a physical therapist. I trust him completely and highly recommend him to anyone."
- Lisa Sousares

"Like many triathletes, I have to work to support my family and my triathlon 'habit'. This doesn't mean that I don't want to be competitive in my sport though! Working with Allan has allowed me to maximize my results - and minimize the time it takes to get my training in - by training consistently with my goals. Allan works with the 'whole athlete' to present a training regimen that takes into consideration everything that affects performance. Working with SSI this past year has elevated my triathlon game to levels that I only dreamed about. I am looking forward to next season to further those dreams."
- Kurt Egli, 3 time Ironman finisher

"The title 'Multisport Coach and Physical Therapist" is only an insight to what Allan Besselink offers to the multisport community. I have experienced many coaches throughout my athletic career yet have never some across such an inspirational, friendly, and interactive coach as Allan. There are good coaches who cheer and encourage from the sidelines, and there are great coaches that take an active role in the improvement of their subjects. I find it easier to take advice from an expert in his field when he too is running beside me on the Town Lake Trail. I also think Allan has a well-rounded perception of the health and fitness world in general. Running fast marathons and completing triathlons without injury are important ideas in many of our lives. However, when the race is over or the injury is successfully healed, the only memories we cherish forever are the friendships we made during those times. Allan's combined friendliness and coaching skills result in a healthy life through companionship. Allan makes sure to encourage athletes to their greatest potential yet at the same time never loses sight of what it means to have a good time."
- Jason Munkatchy, President, University of Texas Triathlon Club

"Allan is a very patient and flexible instructor who tailors his program to the individual needs of the runners involved. I much prefer this to the mass training approach taken by some of the other marathon training programs."
- Kelly Barker

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