Smart SportSmart Sport International (SSI) is the model clinical and coaching practice that support the vision and mission of the Besselink Project. The purpose of Smart Sport International is to provide a seamless integration of sport science solutions in a variety of settings. SSI provides two primary services to individuals and teams:

Physiotherapy And Injury Recovery

Smart Sport International is a Certified McKenzie Clinic offering orthopedic physiotherapy services specializing in injury recovery. Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), otherwise known as the McKenzie Method, focuses on mechanical assessment, education, exercise, and the patient's self-treatment skills. This approach to care is both cost- and time-effective.

SSI is a Certified McKenzie Clinic, one of 84 certified clinics in the world. Allan is one of 500 clinicians in the world that have attained the Dip.MDT - the highest level of training in MDT - and one of just a handful worldwide that focuses their clinical practice on the problems of the athlete.

Your sessions are spent directly with Allan - no other support staff or techs involved.

Description: "I am injured, and I need a personalized injury recovery program that is outcome- and performance-driven". (Please note: Injury Recovery Programs no longer require a "referral for physical therapy" in order to begin treatment per Texas state law. After 10 business days, a referral from an MD, DO, PA, DDS, DPM, NP, or DC in any state is required. A typical episode of care is 5 visits.

Physiotherapy services are offered on a fee-per-case and fee-per-session basis and are scheduled either live (in-clinic) or remote (in-home). Fees can be found here.

To schedule an appointment, contact Allan Besselink at ab[at]smartsport[dot]info.

Coaching And Sport Performance

Smart Sport International provides coaching and athlete mentoring services specializing in sport performance and injury prevention. Coaching services focus on developing and progressing a training program based specifically on your needs, goals, and expectations. Coaching and sport performance programs are designed for athletes of all levels - from those new to exercise all the way to those training at the highest levels of their sport. SSI provides special expertise in ultra-endurance sports, running, triathlon, and track and field. Allan has coached athletes in a broad range of sports, including a World Masters gold medalist at 800 and 1500m all the way to a top 20 pro finisher at the Ironman World Championships.

Description: "I am not currently injured, and I need a personalized injury prevention-based training program that is performance- and outcome-driven, or I need some guidance regarding specific aspects of my current training program".

Coaching services are offered on a fee-per-month and fee-per-session basis. Fees can be found here.

To schedule an appointment, contact Allan Besselink at ab[at]smartsport[dot]info.

Location:6700 Menchaca Road, Unit 13B, Austin, TX 78745 (B-Austin Community, next to Alliance Physical Culture)