I covered my nutritional needs pretty well – I might not have taken in enough sodium on the bike (though I was urinating consistently and a normal color) but I was pretty close to my carbohydrate and protein intake because I’d consumed both bottles, all of my crackers and most of my gel flask. I really took my time in transition (15:32. No I didn’t stop for dinner!). I had to get some sunscreen because I knew I’d gotten a little sun on the bike, and took another brief porta-potty break.


I came out of T2 about 9:50:00 into the race (4:50pm) – if I could run my goal split (5:30) I was looking at a 15:20 finish. The running legs were definitely there. I saw the support crew again just before I headed out on the run, stopped to talk to them (also part of my T2 time – that didn’t help my transition times at all!), crossed the chip mat, and I was off and running!